Short Fin Squid

Short Fin Squid

Scientific Name: Illex argentinus
Catch Location: Argentina
Catch Method: Purse Seine

Lab Analysis:
  Moisture Pct.: 77.63
  Protein Pct.: 16.11
  Total Fat Pct.: 1.52
  Total Ash Pct.: 1.71
  Carbs Pct.: 3.03
  Calories Cal/100g: 90.24


Short Fin Squid (Illex argentinus) is a wild caught product off the coast of Argentina. Catch date is January through March with multiple other catch dates determined by governmental quotas. As with most squids, the Short Fin Squid is highly sustainable due to its rapid reproduction cycle. They prey upon small fishes, crabs and shrimp. Their predators include larger finfish. Populations extend across the shores of Southeastern South America and into deep waters in the same region. The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch has not issued a rating for Short Fin Squid.

All squid provided by Bionic Zoo & Aquarium are caught with a purse seine from a light boat, which uses lights at night to attract the squid to the boat. They are then and pumped into onboard chill tanks using a fish vacuum. Next, they are immediately transported back to a state of the art, HACCP approved packing facility where they are directly placed into their appropriate packaging and blast frozen. Upon completion of freezing, the seafood is transported to either a storage facility or directly to the customer on trucks maintaining 0° F to -10° F, which is the same temperature standard used throughout the entire process from initial freezing to delivery to the customer.