Scientific Name: Mallotus villosus
Catch Location: Canada
Catch Method: Purse Seine

Lab Analysis:
  Moisture Pct.: 78.98
  Protein Pct.: 14.3
  Total Fat Pct.: 4.67
  Total Ash Pct.: 2.06
  Carbs Pct.: 0
  Calories Cal/100g: 99.2


Capelin (Mallotus villosus) is a wild caught product in the North Atlantic. It is caught in Canada in June and July, with other catch dates in Iceland and Scandinavia. Capelin matures at an early age, growing quickly to maturity and reproducing at a very high rate. These characteristics help protect capelin populations from overfishing and the adult fishable stock is renewed annually. High catch rates may be maintained, even at low capelin stock levels, owing to their schooling nature and easy accessibility to a modern purse-seine fishery. Populations extend across the North Atlantic from Eastern Canada, through the coasts of Greenland and Iceland, to the Scandinavian nations. The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch has issued a “good alternative” rating for Capelin.

All Capelin provided by Bionic Zoo & Aquarium are caught with a purse seine and pumped into onboard chill tanks using a fish vacuum. Next, they are immediately transported back to a state of the art, HACCP approved packing facility where they are directly placed into their appropriate packaging and blast frozen. Upon completion of freezing, the seafood is transported to either a storage facility or directly to the customer on trucks maintaining 0° F to -10° F, which is the same temperature standard used throughout the entire process from initial freezing to delivery to the customer.