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Bionic Bait

Ballyhoo (Unrigged)

Smalls 16@12 per pack

Mediums 12@12 per pack

Select 12@6 per pack

Horse 24@2 per pack

Magnums 36@1 per pack

Ballyhoo (Rigged)

Double Hook (w7/0) 24@3 per pack
Single Hook (w7/0) 24@3 per pack
Double Hook Horse (w9/0) 24@2 per pack
Single Hook Mono (w7/0) 24@3 per pack
Double Hook Mono (w7/0) 24@3 per pack


Rigged Trolling Baits

Rigged Trolling Baits

Rigged Flying Fish Sgl. Pk. Mono w/ Lead
Rigged Split Tail Mullet Sgl. Pk. w/1 or 2 Hooks
Rigged Trolling Squids Dbl. Pk. 80lb Mono w7/0


Swordfish Baits

Swordfish Baits

Unrigged Sword Squid Sm. 3Pk. 100-200 Gram
Unrigged Sword Squid Med. 2Pk. 200-300 Gram
Unrigged Sword Squid Lg. 1Pk. 300-400 Gram
Sword Squid Flats 22.5lbs 100-200 or 200-300 Gram

Swordfish Baits

Rigged Sword Squids Single pack with lightstick
Vacuum Pack Mackerel Single pack Mackerel




Double Ground 100% Menhaden w/ Oil 6@7lb Block
Single Ground 100% Menhaden 6@7lb Block
Ground Sardine 100% Menhaden 6@7lb Block
Glass Minnows 10@5lb Block


Specialty Baits

Specialty Baits

Flying Fish (3Pk) 30@3 per bag
Ribbonfish (1Pk) “Imported” 20@1 per bag
Ribbonfish (3Pk) “Handcaught” 50@3 per bag
Spanish Mackerel (Gutted, Brined) 36@2 per bag
Dredged Mullet (7″-9″) 3 per bag

Bottom Bait

Sardines 1lb (Bags) 20@1lb
Sardines 5lb (Box) 10@5lb
Sardines 25lb (Flats) 25lb Flat
Pilchards 1lb (Bags) 30@1llb
Threadfin Herring 5lb (Box) 10@5lb
Threadfin Herring 1lb (Bag) 25@1lb
Cigar Minnows 5lb (Box) 10@5lb
Squid (Pacific) 1lb (Box) 24@1lb
Squid (Pacific) 3lb (Box) 12@3lb
Squid (Pacific) 5lb (Box) 12@5lb
Squid (Pacific) 22lb (Flat) 22lb Flat

Bottom Bait
Finger Mullet 1Dz 30@1Dz
Thumb Mullet 1lb 20@1lb
Whole Mullet 3/1 20@1lb
Goggle Eye 25lb (Flat) 25lb Flat
Goggle Eye 5lb (Bags) 10@5lb

Bottom Bait
Silversides 40lb (Canada) 8/5/2.5lb
Silversides 25lb (Canada) 40@10oz
Ocean Silversides 50lb (Peru) 20@2.5lb
Ocean Silversides 25lb (Peru) 40@10oz

Bottom Bait
Shrimp (1/2lb Bags) 40@8oz
Clams (1/2lb Bags) 30@8oz
Sand Fleas (3Dz per Bag) 100@3Dz
Northern Mackerel 10@5lb
Bonita (Little Tuna) 50lb Flat
Squid Strips in Peeler Crab Oil 30@5oz cups


Head Boat Baits

Specialty Baits

Sardines 25lb (Flats) Domestic 25lb Flats
Sardines 25lb (Flats) Imported 25lb Flats
Squid (Pacific) 22lb (Flats) 22lb Flats
Squid Wings 3/22lb (Flats) 66lb Case
Drift Ballyhoo. 10@4lb
Drift Flats 30lb (Flats) 30lb Flats


Specialty Items

Bionic Brine
Bionic Brine 12/3lb Bottles




T-shirts , hats, buffs, small and large mesh chum bags.

Manhaden Oil
Menhaden Oil Quarts or Gallons


Bionic Chin Pin

Chin Pin
The Bionic Chin Pin is a great way to quickly attach your ballyhoo to a Tournament Approved circle hook for IGFA Billfish Tournaments that require circle hooks. Also great for rigging natural bait dredges.

Click here for a how-to video